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Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine 2006 
Proceedings Book

Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine, April 8 & 9, 2006 in Tempe, Arizona.  194 pages of teacher's articles from the conference.   

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Recordings of this conference are also available on disc.

Southwest Conference 2006 Proceedings

Paul  Bergner


Herban Legends: Persistent Myths in Contemporary Herbalism


Materia Medica and Formulation for Allergies 6
Mary Bove, ND
Botanical Modulators for Female Endocrine Stress 12
Yong Deng, OMD,  LAc
Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Using Chinese Botanical Medicine 19
Ryan Drum, PhD
Medicinal Uses of Seaweed 23
Three Herbs: Yarrow, Indian Consumption Plant, Coral Root 33
Deborah Frances, ND
Treatment of Congestive and Migraine Headaches with Petasites, Feverfew and Others 45
Natural Therapies in Early Cognitive Dysfuntion in Older Adults 50
Botanical Managment of Hypertension 54
Patricia Gaines, ND
Plants and Pellets: Choosing Between Herbs and Homeopathy 58
Cascade Anderson Geller
Kitchen Medicine for Companion Animals 61
Powerful Herbs: History and Use 63
Rosemary Gladstar
Planting the Future 69
Herbs for Longevity and Well Being 72
William Mitchell, ND
Naturopathic Medicine Cases 76
Leukemia Cases 84
Treatment of Connective Tissue Disorders and Aging 88
Michael Moore
Gastrointestinal Disorders: An Herbalist's Approach 95
Kenneth Proefrock, ND
Botanical Medicine in the Treatment of Pulmonary Disease 102
How Safe is Your Pain Medication? The Use of Botanicals in Treating Inflammation 108
Jill E Stansbury, ND
Plant Lectins 117
A Broad Review of Botanical Agents Affecting the Endocrine Organs 122
Donald Yance, Jr CN, MH, AHG
A Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment: Botanicals to Inhibit Angiogenesis, Regulate Transduction Pathways and Enhance Biological Immune Response 136
Herbal and Nutritional Strategies for Hamonizing the HPA Axis and its Effects on the Endocrine System 161
Panel Discussion: Treating Mental Illness Naturally
Paul Bergner: Depression and Anxiety 179
Mary Bove, ND: Treating Mental Illness Naturally 184
Kenneth Proefrock, ND: Botanical Interventions in the Treatment of Mental Illness 186
Jill E. Stansbury, ND: Antidepressants 189


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Recordings of this conference are now available on disc.

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